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What do other law firms charge?


    • Most law firms and attorneys charge anywhere from $895.00, all the way up to $2,000.00!!! and usually that amount only covers their legal fees… (It’s only after those exorbitant fees that they then charge you for the government processing costs).
    • Not to mention, they don’t make your life easy like we do. (See our Bottom line section for more details).

So why then do they charge so much? Are they better lawyers?

    • No, they are not better lawyers.
    • In fact, the reason they charge so much is simple.
      • Because these firms and attorneys specialize in other types of criminal cases, the majority of their income comes from other type of legal work.
      • So for them, expungements and sealings are a side gig because if they don’t charge an huge amount of money to do expungements and sealings, they are better off just doing other types of legal work.
      • In other words, they charge too much!!!!! 

Not us! Erase the Case gets it. Record expungements and sealings are not a luxury, but a necessity.