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How long does the process take?


The process usually takes between 7-11 months because:

Step 1 – Requires that:

    • We receive the fingerprint card and the necessary documents signed, notarized and completed.

Step 2 – Requires that:

    • The FDLE process the application among thousands of other applications.
      • This is usually the number one source for why the expungement and sealing process takes months.
        • For example, as of January 2019, the FDLE was processing applications from April 2018, and as of February 2019, the FDLE was processing applications from June 2018.
        • The following link (FDLE’s website) provides the FDLE’s current application updates.

Step 3 – Requires that:

    • The court in which the petition will be filed have availability in its docket to hold the hearing as soon as the petition is filed.
      • In some circuits, this could be within a week and in other busier circuits, it could be in a few weeks.

Step 4 – Requires that :

    • The Clerk of Court send the notices to the various criminal justice agencies and that in turn, these agencies update their systems.


Nevertheless, while the current length of the process is delayed by a few months, Erase the Case is currently leading the State of Florida in working with the various government agencies involved in the process, to allow for the electronic submission of the applications.

We are hopeful that soon enough, we will be able to cut down the entire process by a couple of months! Making Erase the Case one of the fastest, if not the fastest, record expungement and sealing law firm in the entire State of Florida.

In the mean time, one thing is for sure! Erase the Case uses top of the line technology to make the process as fast, efficient, convenient, and effective as possible!

Stay tuned for updates!