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What are the benefits of expunging a criminal history record?


  • Increase chances of obtaining employment by cleaning your record.
  • Reduce the risk of being denied a housing or lease application by cleaning your record.
  • Get more favorable loans by showing you have a clean criminal history record.
  • Reduce risk of losing out on scholarship awards and applications by having a clean criminal history record.
  • Be confident that no internet search or background check company will damage your reputation by having a clean criminal history record.
  • Expunction orders issued by the court require that the relevant offices of the state attorney’s office, the arresting law enforcement agency and the sheriff’s office physically destroy their actual files.
  • The court’s order to expunge the criminal history record also requires the destruction of digitally stored information (Biometric information used to identify individuals such as DNA or fingerprints are however, excluded from this destruction).
  • Expunging a criminal history record changes the legal status of the record from being designated as a public record subject to Florida Statutes, Chapter 119, and accessible to both the various government agencies and the general public, to being designated as a nonpublic record and hence inaccessible by the government or the general public absent a court order.
  • Nonpublic-records are afforded privacy law protections which restrict the internet’s background-check companies from being able to lawfully sell/publish the expunged criminal history records without facing the risk of facing a civil lawsuit for violating Florida’s privacy laws.
  • Expunged records allow a person to lawfully deny the expunged arrest ever occurred, with certain exceptions. (See our Lawfully denying arrests page for more details).
  • Once expunged, most of the government entities which would have access to a sealed record will be informed that the subject record has been expunged and would not receive access to the record absent a court order; the response to a record search from such an entity would be “Criminal History Record Expunged Pursuant to Florida Statutes 943.”
  • Live worry free that your past may ruin your future! You will be legally criminal record free!!!