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Employers, insurance, loans & more:


Who uses background search companies anyways?

    • Employers:
      • If you ever apply for a job or have ever applied for one, it is more likely than not that your potential employer will or has run a criminal background search on you to see if you’ve ever been arrested.
      • Many people lose their jobs because of this or aren’t even called for an interview!
      • The worst your criminal history record, the less chances you have of having a good paying job!
      • Criminal arrest records usually result in less money in your pocket!
    • Insurance companies:
      • Insurance companies are very powerful business for good reason, they are in the business of measuring and taking on very little risk.
      • If you’ve ever been arrested, odds are insurance companies will not only find out but they will either charge you a higher rate (because arrested individuals appear to be more risky than people which have never been arrested).
      • You may not qualify to receive insurance from certain companies.
      • Your policy could be cancelled!
      • Your insurance rate could increase!
    • Schools and universities:
      • Schools and Universities can do find out about your arrest.
      • You could be suspended or even expelled from programs in some cases.
      • Scholarship grantors can find out about your arrest, which means you could lose the scholarship money you won or are applying for!
    • Landlords and condominium associations:
      • If you’ve ever applied for or are looking to apply for an apartment or house rental agreement, you can be sure landlords will perform a criminal background check.
      • Landlords are usually scared to rent to individuals with criminal records.
      • If you are already living somewhere, an arrest records could be in breach of your lease agreement and which could result in your eviction!
      • Condominium associations may reject your application to live in the condominium because of your arrest record.
    • Public housing:
      • Public housing involves government subsidies for living arrangements and an arrest record may inhibit your ability to live at a public housing project.
    • Business entities:
      • You could lose a contract or be in breach of your agreement due to your criminal arrest record!
      • Engaging in business is about trust and reassuring appearances, don’t let your criminal arrest record make you seem untrustworthy.