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  5. Do I have to have an attorney to get my criminal history record expunged or sealed?

10. Do I have to have an attorney to get my criminal history record expunged or sealed?


No. There is no requirement to hire an attorney in order to expunge or seal a criminal record. However, just like a person would go to a doctor when they are sick, so that they can get professional medical advice on what they need to do to be healthy again, an attorney is likewise recommended because of the complex legal issues and roadblocks which are usually encountered during this process.

    • Remember, a person is only allowed to receive one criminal record expungement or sealing once in their entire lifetime in the State of Florida.
    • Thus, Erase the Case recommends that it is better to be safe than sorry.
    • Attorneys are highly studied professionals that have been trained to deal with legal issues and complexities, just like doctors of medicine have been trained to deal with medical issues and complexities.
    • Erase the Case focuses only on criminal history record expungement and sealings in the State of Florida.
    • We are here to help you at the lowest most competitive price out there because we get it, clearing a criminal history record is not a luxury but a necessity.
    • Look around and compare:
      • Prices
      • The quality of professional service(s) offered
      • The outdated non-technological processes used
      • And the many other areas of practice other law firms offer which dilute they’re expertise and knowledge on expungements and sealings.
    • Not us.
      • At Erase the Case, expungements and sealings are our bread and butter, our passion.
      • We are a laser focused law firm.
      • We not only offer the most competitive prices, but we bring the technological edge in the expungement and sealing process that has long been missing, helping you make this process seamless.
      • We move fast, efficiently and above all, effectively! Go ahead, compare. We’ll be here, ready to hit the ground running.

We don’t just break records, we expunge them!