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  1. Cost to complete Fingerprint form:
    • The typical cost to complete the fingerprint form at police departments is usually between $8.00 to $12.00.
  2. Cost for notary services:
    • The typical cost for a public notary stamp/seal is between $5.00 to $10.00.
  3. Application for Certificate of Eligibility:
    • This is a statutorily imposed cost charged by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) that is $75.00.
    • If you are indigent, you may qualify to have this Application cost waived (contact us for more details).
  4. Court filing costs:
    • These costs vary by the circuit in which the court is located but the usual cost is typically between $42.00 and up.
  5. Court copies of the court order for Law Enforcement Agencies:
    • These costs vary depending on the particularities of each case, some jurisdictions include the costs of the court order on the court filing cost
    • The typical cost charged by the clerk of courts is between $55.00 and $100.000.
  6. Attorney’s fees for extraordinary hearings (these are unusual):
    • These hearings are not the typical Petition hearing; which are included in the $500 flat attorney fee rate.
    • Extraordinary hearings include but are not limited to: Motions to compel, writs or appeals.
      • The attorney legal fee for this service begins at $500.00, depending on the nature of the matter at issue.