Erase The Case was founded on the principle that everybody deserves a second chance. A chance to live a positive, worry free, prosperous and successful life, the very things which a criminal history record makes continuously difficult to achieve.

Right now, if you have a criminal record, your mugshot and your criminal case are plastered across the web. The reason is because criminal records are subject to Florida’s public records’ laws.

Our record expungement lawyers will help you navigate through the challenging legal and bureaucratic hurdles imposed by Florida’s expungement laws, enabling you to leave your record in the past.

We are here for you.


Florida’s Expungement Law Firm

  • We are a client-centered boutique Law Firm
  • Highly qualified at law
  • Located in Miami-Dade County
  • Operating throughout the entire State of Florida
  • Laser focused only on criminal record expungements and sealings
  • We use cutting edge technology for your convenience
  • Digitally send, receive, sign and notarize documents from your smartphone
  • You get 24/7 online client-portal access
  • Instant case updates, calendar events and task reminders
  • Direct attorney/client communication via our messaging platform
  • Providing fast, easy and a most convenient expungement and sealing experience in Florida
  • We’ll show you peace of mind from the very beginning
  • No more anxiety
  • No more unnecessary shoulder weight
  • No more fear of being seen as a criminal
  • No more public mugshot
  • No more public criminal background
  • No more being haunted by your criminal past
  • It’s time for a fresh start!

CALL The Erase The Case Law Firm today to expunge or seal your criminal record.

We don’t just break records

We expunge them!


Founding Partner

Attorney David Weisselberger is the founding partner of Erase the Case; a Law Firm dedicated to helping people get rid of their haunting criminal past. Mr. Weisselberger is a highly qualified attorney with a proven track record involving: Being a former Miami-Dade County Assistant Public Defender, a solo practitioner and a former associate at South Florida’s prestigious Saban & Solomon Law Firm. During his time at the Miami-Dade County Public Defender’s Office, Mr. Weisselberger aggressively defended hundreds of people charged with criminal offenses while keeping a 100% Not Guilty jury trial track record in court. Mr. Weisselberger has notable litigation experience in commercial, real property and personal injury cases, where he has kept a 100% positive settlement history for every single one of the clients he has represented.

During his time at the Miami-Dade County Public Defender’s Office – the largest and busiest of Florida’s 20 judicial circuits – Mr. Weisselberger learned first hand the severe consequences people face from having a public criminal arrest record mark their lives. From job losses, to suspensions from school programs, to losses of scholarship monies, to even the inability to obtain favorable financing or insurance rates, having a public criminal history record is not only humiliating but also taxing on a person’s life. Handling anywhere between 150 to 180 clients charged with criminal offenses at any given time, Mr. Weisselberger never lost track of a single case. He has obtained an extensive and rare ability that only 1% of attorneys in the entire United States of America have been able to receive by working at a public defender’s office. Most importantly, not a single one of his clients was sentenced to jail because Mr. Weisselberger is not just a dedicated, hard-working, prepared and efficient attorney, but above all, he is passionate about helping people.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Mr. Weisselberger is a native Spanish speaker. Mr. Weisselberger completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Florida and obtained his Juris Doctor from the prestigious University of Miami’s School of Law. He is a member in good standing with the Florida Bar and a recipient of one of the highest Florida Bar Exam scores in the entire State of Florida for the February, 2017 sitting.


Member of The Florida Bar
United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida


University of Miami School of Law, J.D.
University of Florida, B.A.

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